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Barefoot Homes at the Home Garden & Patio Exhibition

The Relay All-Stars Home Garden & Patio Exhibition opened yesterday! That's right, yesterday. OK, I'm a day late. I had been preparing for this event this last month and thought I'd be all ready to go. I had the size of my space, how many prims I could use, and had even set up a mock up so I'd be set to go. Sounds great, doesn't it? The day the exhibit opens to the exhibitors to set up (that would be me) one of my computers decides it does not like life anymore and totally locks up on me. This of course had to be the one that had all of my files on it for this project. To make this short, I had to spend all day figuring out the problem and getting the thing back on line. Turns out, when I was cleaning out my email of spam, I accidentally opened an email that had malware in it. I caught my mistake and quickly closed it, but that is all it took. I picked up some malware trojan called 'SASS.exe'. It took a day to get rid of it and kill it off, but luckily I was able to repair the damage. So, I got a late start and...if it could go wrong, it did. So, I'm a day late, and I'm happy to announce that Barefoot Homes is now set up in Sim 7 at space 75.

Here is the poster for the Home Garden & Patio Exhibition.


Barefoot Homes is in Sim 7 at space 75. I have a double sized lot this year and am happy with the location of my site.

Barefoot Homes is excited to announce the premier of two new model homes at the exhibition this year. The 'Snoqualmie 'A' Frame Lodge' and the 'Michigan Rancher'. Both are set up and on display at the site. I want to give a special thanks to Dellybean North of True North Designs who provided the furniture for both displays. Cinders Vale of Nexus Arts also provided some lamps and stone pottery. True North Designs main store is located in Goun and Nexus Arts main store is located in Broken Creek.

The Snoqualmie is a unique design in that it was inspired by the 'A' frame homes located in the Pacific Northwest. Many are used as ski lodges, by the lake, stores, and sometimes in some urban environments. The design is classic and has been around for some time. Not many designs like this are available in Second Life and that is why I decided to give this project a go. It took a month to produce this design and I think it is one of the most beautiful builds that Barefoot has ever made. New custom wood textures were made and a lot of thought went into the design. Getting the angles to work out took a lot of time. The is an all prim design, very little in the way of alpha textures. Because of this, the Snoqualmie is a tad bit heavy on the prims, but the details that come through make it worth it. This home is large enough that it produces it's own shadow lines for added depth and realism.
The end result is a virtual home that is warm, cozy and is a pleasure to simply look at. It is very much a 'barefoot' home for sure, well suited for the name of Barefoot Homes. The Snoqualmie has a large living room area with the high vaulted ceiling and has a loft bedroom with a deck on the second floor. Here are the specifications.
Footprint: 24 X 32 Meters
Prims: 254 fully equipped
recommended parcel: 4096 minimum
Huge prims are used in this design.

Here are a few pictures of the Snoqualmie Lodge.

Snoqualmie front view with the lights on.

Snoqualmie Living Room with large fireplace and high vaulted ceiling.

Rear view of the Snoqualmie with loft area and deck.

And here are the Snoqualmie and the Michigan Rancher on display at the exhibit site.


This design happened quite by accident. A customer had contacted me and told me that she loved my designs, but, could not find what she really wanted. When I asked what she was looking for she told me that she wanted a 'rancher' style home, something with an early sixties look, one of those 'cookie cutter' homes so popular when the building boom was going on way back when. She told me that she was sick at looking at homes by then and she was tired of every home she looked using alpha textures. I, of course was delighted to hear this because Barefoot Homes does not rely on alpha textures for it's designs. She knew that alpha textures look flat, no depth to the build and the problems that exists using alpha textures. This is one reason why Barefoot Homes does not produce huge or large scale homes. To have detail and depth to a design, you have to use prims to do it. Alpha textures have their use to be sure, but not for an entire house. Detail costs prims and Barefoot is very aware of this.

I told her I'd see what I could come up with, but it might take some time as I was already getting ready for the Home and Garden Expo. That night, I started my research on the 'rancher style homes' from the late fifties to mid-sixties.

The Michigan Rancher from start to finish took one week, research, drawing up a design, a rough build and then finalizing the design to a master build and finished home. One week! not too bad considering how busy I was at the time. Here a a couple of pictures of the Michigan.

The Michigan offers an exterior color change feature operated by menu. You have the choice of twelve authentic colors from that era. This home offers a garage, locking front door, and one feature that may be a first, working double sash windows in the bedroom. All windows have working shades operated by touch as you can see in the pictures. There are many other little details that I am sure many will appreciate. Why did I pick the name of 'Michigan'? This is where the gal is from and she wanted that mid-eastern look to it. From what she has since told me and some others who saw the design as I was building it, I nailed the design and style down pretty good.

The Michigan will bring back memories for many of us. I remember seeing this style of home many times when I was growing up and there are many still around today. Here are the specifications for the Michigan.

Footprint: 15 X 30 Meters
Prims: 140 fully equipped

Huge prims are used in the design.

A special thanks to Billington Chaffe for providing one prim sculptie flowers for the Michigan display and to The Tastery owned by Tasia Tonic for her sculptie flowers at the Snoqualmie display.

Please stop by the Home Expo and look at everything. I am quite excited at the release of the Snoqualmie and the Michigan. Both are furnished and for sale at the site. I will be setting up the displays at Barefoot Homes main display area in Snafu and the secondary display site located in Zeord.

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